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Version: 1.6

Create your own backend

  1. Create an account on your hosting platform
  2. Download the template or click on Use template:
  3. Change the url to your backend in the index.html
  4. Create a courses folder and copy the config.yml from the example course. The properties should be self explained.
  5. Change the config.yml to your preferences. Add all courses to your folders. The properties should be self explained.
  6. Publish this site with github pages or other hosting solution. Static site hosting is also supported. The domain should be the same as the domain in the index.html.
  7. On github pages, the default domain on organsiation is or on users is
  8. Test your site by opening your website.
  9. Submit your project like here

Don't forget to add "api-version": 9 to every file!