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"icon": "png",
"title": "Example article",
"author": {
"name": "CodeDoctorDE",
"url": "",
"avatar": ""
"body": "Changes are automatically rendered as you type.\n* Implements [GitHub Flavored Markdown](\n* Renders actual, \"native\" React DOM elements\n* Allows you to escape or skip HTML (try toggling the checkboxes above)\n* If you escape or skip the HTML, no `dangerouslySetInnerHTML` is used! Yay!\n## Table of Contents\n## HTML block below\n<blockquote>\n This blockquote will change based on the HTML settings above.\n</blockquote>\n## How about some code?\n```js\nvar React = require('react');\nvar Markdown = require('react-markdown');\nReact.render(\n <Markdown source=\"# Your markdown here\" />,\n document.getElementById('content')\n);\n```\n\nPretty neat, eh?\n\n## Tables?\n\n| Feature | Support |\n| :-------: | ------- |\n| tables | ✔ |\n| alignment | ✔ |\n| wewt | ✔ |\n\n## More info?\n\nRead usage information and more on [GitHub](\n---------------\nA component by [Espen Hovlandsdal](\n",
"keywords": [
"description":"Short description"


slugStringtrueThe slug where you can find the article by url.
titleStringtrueThe name of the article. It will shown in the articles list and in the article details.
descriptionStringfalseThe description of the article which can be seen in the list of the articles and the intro page.
bodyString (Markdown)trueThis will display on the article details page
iconString (png, jpg, svg) or nullfalseThe icon will show up in the article list left to the title and on the details page of the article.
authorAuthorfalseThe author. It will appear on the front page and on the articles list
keywordsArray<String>falseAll keywords for the article. This will be used for the search
timeInteger (Time)falseThe time where the article was published